The right features,
on time and on budget

75% of software projects are over time, over budget, or missing critical features. Vistimo is a project planning and estimation tool that gives you honest deadlines that your team can meet.

Visualise uncertainty and risk

Vistimo simulates thousands of possible outcomes for your project, from best-case to worst. Understand the risks in your timeline so you can make the right choices for your business.

Will a bigger team get you done sooner?

Vistimo allows you to simulate how your project would move forward if you made changes to your team. Identify bottlenecks that an expanded team can solve; or see how a larger team might slow you down. Find out in minutes instead of weeks.

Share the vision

When your whole team understands the long-term vision of the project, milestone by milestone, they can make smart decisions about the work they’re doing today.

Embrace your outliers

Switch to a robust, research-backed system of estimation that keeps up-to-date, stays honest, and doesn't ignore opinions just for the sake of consensus.

Your workflow, your way

Need an extra design phase? No problem. The QA team wants to estimate their work separately? You bet! Visitimo works with your process.

Describe with depth

Explain user needs with pictures, attachments, and rich formatting. Is something out of scope, but coming soon? Describe it with Enhancements.

Why wait?

Is your project running on schedule? How do you know? Build with confidence.